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BOOK OF RUNES: An Ancient Viking Oracle (H book plus 25 ceramic runes) (10th Anniversary Ed.) Blum, Ralph
Based on a tradition over one thousand years old, this contemporary oracle has established itself as a remarkable aid in practical decision making. For this, the tenth anniversary edition, ralph h. Blum has expanded and refined the runic system, making the Runes the most profoundly useful self-help tool of our era. Set contains a hard back book and ceramic runes
SKU:  TRS7581
HEALING RUNES: Tools For The Recovery Of Body, Mind, Heart & Soul (H book + 25 ceramic runes)
Blum, Ralph & Loughan, Susan

The Healing Runes (book & runes set) provides us with ways to reveal our inner wisdom and carry it forth into our lives. It contains healing messages of hope for us all. This is a unique, powerful and very practical tool for self-healing. It places the power to accelerate our healing in our own hands
SKU:  TRS5076
CARDS OF ALCHEMY (kit with 50 full-color cards & 240-pp book)
Buckland, Raymond
 Created by best-selling occultist Ray Buckland, the full-color cards give you insight into your spiritual development through colorful symbols from ancient alchemical texts that speak to your subconscious. Unlike an oracle, it's not for seeing the future but for seeing the present in new ways. An accompanying 240-page book explores the science, history and symbolism of alchemy. 50 cards + book
SKU:  TCS0533
EGYPTIAN SCARAB ORACLE (30 scarab pieces, drawstring pouch & 240-page book; boxed)
Regula, DeTraci & Kerigwen
The ancient Egyptians knew the power of the sacred scarab beetle, a symbol of life, hope and regeneration. Now the author of The Mysteries of Isis has created the Egyptian Scarab Oracle, based on a magical dream she had after studying Egyptian writings. The set contains 30 scarab pieces and a 240-page book, with a drawstring carrying-pouch
SKU:  TCS2222
I CHING OF THE GODDESS DIVINATION KIT (book + 64 I Ching cards) Walker, Barbara G.
In this book and card pack, you'll find the key to your destiny. Walker reveals the history of the I Ching of the Goddess and the meaning behind its symbolism. The set includes a 128-page paperback book and 64 illustrated I Ching cards
SKU:  TCS2723
SACRED GEOMETRY ORACLE KIT: Become The Architect Of Your Life Greer, John Michael
The Sacred Geometry Oracle Kit is the only divination system drawing on the traditions of sacred geometry. It contains 33 cards, each representing a basic figure in traditional sacred geometry, and each relating to one of the basic patterns of the universe - patterns that form the hidden structure of our everyday lives. Use the cards and the accompanying 240-page illustrated guidebook for divination, meditation, and self-exploration
SKU:  TCS0517
PSYCARD SYSTEM (40 card deck)
The Psycard System cards, imported from England after many requests, may be used in traditional ways of reading - as an oracle - or just as easily to explore and understand hidden emotions, forgotten memories, and subconscious urges. The stunning artwork of Maggie Kneen on the 40 cards is based upon the imagery of the archetypes developed by C.G. Jung
SKU:  TCS4011
LORD OF THE RINGS ORACLE (H-book; 40 cards; runic ring; map)
Donaldson, Terry
The Lord of the Rings Oracle, based on J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved trilogy, is a divination system that uses rings, cards, and a map to answer all your questions about the future. A perfect gift for the legions of Middle-Earth fans
SKU:  TCS053X 

Witches Runes: Insights from the Old European Magickal Traditions
DEVA TAROT (93 card deck + bklt) Drnec, H. & Lanphere, R.
The Deva Tarot is an augmented Tarot of 93 cards, 23 Major Arcana and 5 suits of 14 cards each in the Minor Arcana. Design composition is strongly influenced by Crowley's Book of Thoth. The fifth suit is called the Triax, representing the etheric or spirit of a higher/soul level, and serves as a bridge between the earthly and unseen divine realms. The newly-added Trump is called the Separator, and its symbolism expresses the divine ways that potential, skill and life interact
SKU:  TCS3481 

2005 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Winner of Best Interactive Sideline category! Heralding archetypal elements of traditional Tarot, The Gilded Tarot is teeming with shimmering, classic imagery. High priestesses in flowing robes, wise emperors, knights on majestic steeds, mystics wielding magical tools, and other intriguing characters from medieval times abound in the Major and Minor Arcana. This richly colored, easy-to-use deck also features standard symbols for the card suits--swords, cups, wands, and pentacles--which provides universal appeal.

This kit also includes The Gilded Tarot Companion, a clear and insightful guidebook to the deck's structure and each card's significance.

GONG HEE FOT CHOY: A Fortune-Telling Guide
Ward, Margarete

Gong Hee Fot Choy, "Greeting of Riches," is a divination system utilizing regular playing cards which Margarete Ward, a mystic and world traveler, introduced in her 1935 book. It draws heavily on Chinese and Eastern mysticism for its wisdom.  The board and book are divided into 32 houses. Each card has a different meaning depending upon which house it lands in; all is detailed in the book.  The hearts represent love and friendship; anything of a personal nature. The diamonds represent fortune and riches; papers of any kind. The clubs represent luck, wisdom and business.
SKU:  TCS1120

Witches Runes: Insights from the Old European Magickal Traditions
The runes are a method of communicating with divinity, the god/goddess within each of us who embodies our pure consciousness and inward spirituality. The Witches Runes cards are rich in beautiful imagery; along with the accompanying book Rune Mysteries, they are a shortcut to the esoteric rune system
SKU:  TCS5533

Ralph Blumís interoperates the runes for relationships in a  very spiritual and wise way. Here is a set of 25 runes together with a lovely book that helps you use them to focus on your relationship issues, and discover how best you can improve your connections with all those around you, whether friends, family, colleagues or neighbors. The runes represent qualities like loving kindness, commitment, renewal, perseverance, passion, inner peace and mystery. Letting these magical letters help you rewrite your future by understanding the present in a new way can be a transformative experience

SKU:  TCS0981
The Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards are based on a set created for Svetlana Alexandrovna Touchkoff by her mother who was taught this art by an 80-year-old Russian woman after WWII. This beautiful deck is made up of 50 pictures of objects such as a road, dog or horseshoe. Each picture has been split in half with the halves scattered among the 25 cards of the set. This means each card has four different half-scenes. In readings, the cards are laid down in 5 rows of 5 cards, and the reader looks for ways to rotate cards next to each other to make matching halves.  Completed objects are then interpreted according to their orientation: up, down, facing left or facing right.

SKU:  TCS8768 

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards have been around since 1904, and used to be found in every variety store across America.  With the exception of packaging changes, the currently-available deck is little changed from its ancestors

SKU: TCS0111

The "Moon Oracle" is an original, easy-to-use divinatory system and a practical introduction to lunar astrology. It allows you to align your life to the fluctuating rhythms of the Moon and to make in-depth, multi-layered readings using a combination of lunar cards. The deck contains 72 evocatively illustrated cards representing the 8 phases of the Moon in each of the 4 astrological Elements, 28 Moon mansions and 12 Moon goddesses. The book offers interpretations for each card and suggests a variety of different methods of making a reading. Moon Tables allow you to pinpoint the exact phase of the Moon, together with the astrological sign it appears in, for any given date during the next sixteen years. 


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