Magickal Divination Runes


The Goddess Shoppe offers a wide variety of hand-crafted rune sets made in the Blum style. Each set contains 25 runes in its own velveteen bag.

The Goddess Shoppe has recently acquired sets of runes carved into semi-precious stones. Sets are available in gold or silver ink. The following stones selections are available.

Large Hematite Runes

Large Rose Quartz Runes


Clear stones for balanced readings. Quartz have properties that make
them ideal for many uses. They are
a gift from Mother Earth, & represent
the pinnacle of evolution in the
mineral world. These crystals can strengthen all of the positive aspects
of a person while helping to
eliminate negative aspects such
as fear & anger.

Stones are a jade green base with vines of silver. It promotes calming energy. Aventurine is used in shielding the heart, healing & balancing  emotions. It stimulates creativity &  independence. It enhances leadership qualities allowing the wearer to act decisively & strengthens intuitive power. It is especially useful for healing & for good luck.

Stones are a shine blackish gray color.  Hematite is known as the “stone of the mind”, it helps us to sort things out in our own minds & brings clarity & balance. Runes made from hematite are very good for clear answers to straight questions such as career, friendships & personal questions

Stone color is a soft pink. If love
is on yours, your friends or
clients minds, then these rose
quartz runes are the runes for
you. Rose quartz is the stone of
“self-love” & any question that is gentle & of a loving nature is well answered by runes made of this particular crystal 


Large Amethyst Runes

blood stone runes


Amethyst is a crystal of meditation, healing, balancing, calming, contentment & spirituality. Its
many shades from dark purple to lavender make this a wonderfully attractive set of runes to own,
excellent for answering all of your spiritual questions.  Cool & relaxing, amethyst is a stone of psychic
power & oneness with your
spiritual goals. It enhances & strengthens the powers of the
bearer & helps attune with the
higher self, dispelling fears,
heightening intuition & helping to embrace your own intuitive wisdom

Bloodstone runes, known as "the stone of the warrior," this stone enhances courage & brings understanding of the benefits behind each hard-won victory. It helps us to revitalize & open our hearts, tempering strength with compassion. It is a protective stone, & in ancient times was thought to slow bleeding. This stone is often used by athletes to give them both courage & physical vitality. It is also a prosperity stone, helping to manifest wealth

Carnelian runes are excellent to read for people who seem to have problems with home life or seem to attract bad relationships. They afford protection, banish sorrow & invest a positive way of thinking. They would be a perfect gift for a loved one who needs a little boost.  A sacred stone of the Egyptians & the Tibetans, this energetic stone activates the lower chakras & helps the wearer to take action. It brings energy & fire, enhancing physical energy & personal power & invoking joy, laughter & warmth as it opens the heart.

Provides protective 'earth energy
 it's protective qualities emphasize survival & physical protection.
Red Jasper is a powerful divination stone, & can be worn to protect
the individual during out of body experiences & vision quests by providing a solid grounding. It
also helps with conflict &
aggression, promotes grace & perseverance. A stone of good
luck especially for travel.


Witches Runes: Insights from the Old European Magickal Traditions

blue storm, blue lace agate runes, rune, custom

Witches Runes (cards)
The runes are a method of communicating with divinity, the god/goddess within each of us who embodies our pure consciousness & inward spirituality. The Witches
Runes cards are rich in beautiful imagery; along with the
accompanying book Rune
Mysteries, they are a shortcut to the esoteric rune system

A stone of the higher mind, Sodalite helps in thinking  rationally & form logical conclusions. It aids in releasing confusion & creates a stable atmosphere in which to deal with intellectual challenges, & brings a feeling of competence & well-being to those pursuits. It aids in understanding ones true feelings & helps to verbalize them. Calming & stabilizing, Sodalite stimulates thought & allows one to access their own inner knowing. It releases stresses, nervousness, angers & fears. An excellent stone for meditations & a promoter of inner wisdom

Rune Cards
Ralph Blum created the Rune Cards as a way to expand upon the traditional stark, rune glyphs. Working closely with artist J. Walmsley, Blum crafted images that are visual metaphors of the essential meanings of the runes. Each card shows a symbolic scene with the rune number & a keyword meaning at the bottom. Hidden within each scene is the traditional form of the corresponding rune. The Rune Card set comes with a companion book The Rune Cards: Ancient Wisdom for the New Millenium.


BLUE LACE AGATE - Astrological sign: Gemini & Pisces
Especially suited to people
usually of a gentle nature. Known
as a stone to accelerate
spiritual attainment, inspiration
 & flow. Blue Lace Agate activates
the third eye, & with it the door
 to unseen realms. "Oceanic
waves of bliss" washing the
clutter & static from the mind
& spirit.


Lapis lazuli runes, indigo color lapis, custom

Runes-Can be used for fortune telling, or as an Oracle for spiritual guidance. Some people toss the Runes as a daily ritual, like reading your daily horoscope.


Lapis Lazuli Runes
Sacred to the Goddess Isis, this
stone was prized by the Ancient Egyptians & holds the energy of a
star-studded sky, limitless in its
wisdom. Lapis provides mental
clarity & objectivity; it assists in
awaking the third eye & for tapping
into your intuition & strengthen
psychic abilities. Lapis is also
connected with Jupiter & thus
expand intellect, wisdom &
leadership qualities as well as
helping in legal matters. The
stone works as a shield from
psychic attack. It is used to relieve insomnia & let go of anxieties

 Black Onyx
 A feeling stone that is excellent for grounding negativity & letting go of stress. Onyx is soothing & helps in focus, to banish grief & old habits, protecting the bearer & encouraging happiness & good fortune

Book Of Runes
 Based on a tradition over one thousand years old, this contemporary Oracle has established itself as a remarkable aid in practical decision making. With over 700,000 copies sold, The Book of Runes has proved itself to be a modern classic.  For this, the tenth anniversary edition, Ralph H. Blum has expanded & refined the runic system, making the Runes the most profoundly useful self-help tool of our era.  25 stones in this set are re-creations of the Viking Runes with perpendicular & oblique lines on each stone. Complete with The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum, 150 pp. Ill. (hc). Includes drawstring pouch for holding rune stones

Healing Runes
Ralph H. Blum is an anthropologist
 & a student of the oracular
tradition. For almost thirty
years, Susan Loughan has
been a healer specializing in all
forms of abuse recovery. In this
work. The Healing Runes
offer a new interpretation of this sacred oracle for all those whose
lives stand in need of healing
Healing Runes, they have
combined their talents to
assist people in healing the
body, the mind, the heart &
the soul. 

gold animated equal arm cross

Learning to read the Runes

The first step in learning to read the runes must be to get to know the runes themselves.  This doesn't necessarily mean memorizing interpretations out of a book, although the literal meanings of the rune names should be memorized as a starting point.  Instead, take one rune each day, starting with Fehu & ending with ožila, & meditate on it.  There are several exercises you can do daily to aid in this: word association with the rune names, visualization, physical connection with the rune, etc.

Always keep a record of your rune readings in a journal.  Although it's not quite as easy to draw a nine-rune cast as it is to record a tarot spread, do try & make the effort.  Record which runes landed face up & face down, what you think each one meant in the context of the reading, & what your general impressions were.  Even if a reading makes no sense to you when you do it, its meaning might become clearer later on, & this will encourage you to pay closer attention to your instincts (even if you are sure you're wrong!).

The Three Rune method:
This method is helpful in getting an overall fix on a given situation, & providing some idea about a future outcome.  How much information you get out of it will depend on how much time you spend analyzing the reading & how well you understand the runes.  Pull one rune & lay it down face up.  This rune represents the first Norn - those events in the past which affect the current situation.  Pull another rune & lay it next to the first.  This is the second Norn - the present situation, which frequently to a choice that needs to be made.  Pull a third & lay it down.  This is the third Norn, & the most difficult rune to interpret.  In some cases it might represent the person's inevitable fate.  In others, it might simply be the end result if the current situation remains unchanged, or even just one of several results.  You must rely on your instincts to decide which is the case.
The Nine Rune Cast:
This method will give a detailed overview of a person's situation, providing insight into where they are in terms of their spiritual path, clarifying the options & possible outcomes available to them.  Nine is a somewhat arbitrary number - you may use any number that feels comfortable to you.  Nine is commonly used as its multiples were magically significant numbers to the also it is a large enough number to provide a detailed reading, but not so large that it over-complicates things.  It is also easy for most people to hold nine runes in their hands.  

Pick nine runes from the pouch.  Hold them between your hands for a moment, & focus on your question (if you have one).  Then scatter the runes on the table, floor, or cloth if you have one.  Read the runes which land face up first.  These will relate to the current situation & the circumstances, which led to it.  How the runes are read is largely subjective, but in general, runes lying in the centre are the most immediately relevant, while those lying around the edges are less important, or represent more general influences.  Runes that are close together or even touching often compliment each other, or may even represent a single thing, while runes which fall on opposite sides of the pattern frequently represent opposing influences.  Occasionally, a rune will land completely off the cloth or fall off the table.  Some people consider such runes to be particularly significant, while others ignore them completely.

Once you have looked at the runes which landed face up (& remembered which ones they are), turn over the rest without moving them from their positions.  These represent outside or future influences, & will point to possible outcomes.  It is up to you to decide what the various positions & patterns in a reading mean, but once you have come up with a few general rules, try to stick with them. However, rune readings by their nature are fluid, subjective things so try not to impose too much order on your readings by inventing set meanings for every triangle, square & tetrahedron.  Runes are like people - you never know how they will get along together until you introduce them.  Just look at the patterns & relationships that appear in each reading & see what interpretations make sense to you.    

Once the reading is done, I usually like to pull one more rune out of the pouch.  This helps to confirm (or sometimes dispute) the conclusions drawn from the reading, & may provide a focus or centre to an otherwise scattered & complicated cast


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