The Goddess Shoppe Presents
Ritual Robes
Custom made for The Goddess Shoppe on Line for quality and Style!


             gold moon-crescent         white robe no hook            gold goddess moon symbol

The Goddess Shoppe offers a beautiful ritual robe in the styles of a cloister monk. This robe has a hood, slightly full sleeves, and a full, A-line cut body. It is best worn with a belt. Sizes Available: Medium, Large, Extra Large.
Robes are available with an optional pentacle embroidered on the breast &/ Or Roman Trim!

Cotton Ritual Robes available in Black, White, Green or Red.
#TRG-14     $85.00   
#TRG-14P    $105.00 w/ Pentacle


Cotton Velvet Ritual Robe in Black, Blue, Purple, Red or Green
#TRG-15     $170.00


Cotton Ritual Robe with trim, No Hood    
#TGR-17     $83.00


Cotton Ritual Robe with trim and hood in Black, Green, White or Red
#TRG-18     $100.00
#TRG-18P     $120.00 w/ Pentacle



    large animated gold celtic triskelion         Custom made by Ancient Memory    large animated gold celtic triskelion




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