The Goddess Shoppe offers all the different elements
of a rural Renaissance Man's ensemble.

jerkin image

This is a slightly tailored garment with epaulettes on the shoulder.  It has a laced front closing. Sizes Available:
Small (36-38), Medium (40-42), Large (44-46), Extra Large (48-50).
TMRJ160   Brushed Cotton $90.00
TMRJ165   Suede Leather $150.00

shirt image

Renaissance Shirt
This Classic style garment has a full body gathered into a yoke with a collared "V" neck, and its billowy sleeves are gathered into button cuffs!  Sizes Available:
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.
TRMS204  Cotton $90.00
TRMS204 Muslin $95.00 (Ivory Only)



breeches image

The Goddess Shoppe features two styles of breeches, so you can appear with or without thy cod piece. TRMB404 (right) has a fitted waistband with flat cod piece that hides a zipper fly. TRMB408 (left)
has a drawstring waist. Both have drawstring legs, and are cut to be worn just below the knee.
Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.
Brushed Cotton $80.00






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