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Talking Board
The Mystic Eye has never failed to give an answer since its inception over 12 years ago.  It is a question/answer oracle where you ask a question and the oracle, using magnetism and your subconscious mind only, will give you an answer.  The Mystic Eye works on the theory of its inventor which is that each of us knows and chooses our own destiny.  We do not know the time frame of these choices and we may not even be aware of them in the conscious mind, but we already have an answer to every question we will ever ask all in our subconscious mind..

The Pendulum Oracle
Silver metallic chart with instructions
on the back, purple pouch, and classic pendulum with hematite bead on top.
angel board
Tht Angel Board
Developed by Dr. Ernest Chapman after a near-death experience, the Angel Board's purpose is to help you become aware of your own guardian angels and learn how to communicate with them. Even if you are skeptical and approach it as an entertaining recreation, you may be quite surprised by what you discover through its use. That's because the Angel Board is more than a game; it's a transformational tool that helps you focus your energy to grow spiritually. Very popular!
The Angel Pendulum Oracle
This design incorporates the essence of the angel, ready to assist in the quest for knowledge, fulfillment and happiness.
Silver angel pendulum, purple pouch, heavy silver metallic chart, and complete instructions.
SKU: TA201
pschyic circle
Open this box and embark upon a journey into yourself and beyond. Inside is all you will need to be thoroughly delighted the next time you and your "psychic circle" of friends get together for an evening of fun, surprises - and magical messages! The Magical Message Board and companion book are always ready to be consulted for problem-solving, decision-making, creative inspiration, and wisdom. On the Board are twenty key words, eleven colors, and forty universal symbols, in addition to the letters of the alphabet and the numerals 0-9. The Psychic Circle may use any of them - either individually or in combination - to create detailed and insightful answers to your every question. Kit includes: *18" by 18" full-color Psychic Circle game board *Psychic Circle message indicator *companion book with complete instruction for use.
The Celtic Pendulum Oracle
With its colorful chart, the Celtic pendulum kit, with Celtic knotwork designs and knotwork charm, evokes the essence of all things Celtic.
Laminated chart, purple snap close pouch with Celtic Knot pendulum, and comprehensive instructions.


by Xeonix Inc. / G. Goodenow

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