Pentacle Patens

Used for focusing your energy during a ritual or as a traveling altar, patens are a necessary
accessory for the magickal practitioner.

Wooden Patens Image

Wooden patens are solid plates, hand routed to form the paten design.
Each has a lightly varnished finish.


TPW10 Pentacle & TPW30 Solomon's Star

PINE  8" $16.00    12"  $21.00
OAK  8" $25.00    12"  35.00

Please indicate wood as a color choice when ordering


Pentacle Altar Plate 
Made of thick Silver-plate, inlaid into walnut stained Shesham Wood, 8.5 diameter, fine detail
TPW602    $37.00

Silver Plated Pentacle Altar
Made of thick Silver-plate Tile - 9 inch
TPS546L    $30.00

Silver Plated Pentacle Altar
Made of thick Silver-plate
Tile - 3 inch.  This paten is a perfect size
for A traveling altar!
TPS546S     $5.00

paten black_small

Copper Seal
These paten is made with a polyester glass coatings that is chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. The finish is baked onto the glass in a huge $80,000 oven. Actual metal powders are used to produce the pewter and copper finishes. The Copper Seal Altar Plate is 12 round x 3/16 and features a fused copper design on beveled glass
TCS100     $50.00

The Mystic Seal Glass Paten
Actual copper and pewter on glass.
Instructions included.  Mount this paten over your front door to keep balance & peace all year round!

TMS100 - $36.00

Silver-plated inlaid Pentacle Altar Tile.
Made of carved walnut-stained Rosewood. Light weight, great for traveling altars. Not safe for charcoal-burning

TPW594     $6.00



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