Magick Mirrors

Blackened mirrors have been used for centuries to "Scry" or look out into
the vastness of the psychic world.

Scrying is often considered the most difficult method of divination for several reasons.  Scrying demands that you have a working knowledge of your subconscious's symbolism and the ability to interpret those symbols reliably.  Though most methods of divination lead you to look outside of yourself, scrying requires that you look within yourself to find the answers you are seeking.  There are almost as many methods of scrying as there are scryers.  Some of the most famous scryers throughout history used complex methods to awaken their psychic abilities.  However, the complexities are not required to get reliable results -- the only requirements are dedication, patience, and some psychic ability. If you have not had any indication of psychic abilities, do not despair.  You simply might not have discovered them as yet.  Scrying can awaken them if they are present.  However, if you are convinced that you have no psychic abilities whatsoever, scrying is probably not the method you should use for divination. Above all, scrying requires patience.  At the beginning, visions will come sporadically and they will be very vague.  Only practice and time well spent will enhance your abilities and enable you to rely on your talents.


Magic Mirrors
mirror1   by Mystical Creations  mirror2
Beautifully Handmade Scrying Mirror with Beveled Edges. 
Each Mirror comes with a Black Bag and an instruction booklet.

TSM46 4" x 6" Oval Magick Mirror $20.00
TSM069 6" x 9" Oval Magick Mirror $60.00
TSM006  6" Round Magick Mirror $40.00
TSM008  8" Round Magick Mirror $70.00




Ways in which the black mirror can be used     :To contact spirit guides
                                                                                                To access knowledge
                                                                                                For healing and self improvement
                                                                                                As a magickal transmitter and receiver
                                                                                                For divining the past, present and future
                                                                                                As a portal to the astral plane
                                                                                                For shamanic journeying
                                                                                                For ritual invocation and evocation
                                                                                                To improve visualization skills
                                                                                                Preparing to work with the black scrying mirror

Scrying Incense
A base of Mastic gum, Myrrh powder, Frankincense, Mugwort, Wormwood herbs, Rose petals and Lavender buds, Cardamom seeds and Sandalwood powder
Oils of Lotus, Egyptian  Musk & Rosemary
Blend together Mastic, Myrrh, &  Frankincense in equal parts & grind to a powder base. Add a pinch of Cardamom seeds & to the base & put aside in an air-tight jar. Now mix equal parts of ground Mugwort, Wormwood &, about half the amount used in the powder base. Coat this mixture with Egyptian  musk oil, and put it aside in a sealed jar. Mix the Lavender & Rose petals together, coat them with Rosemary, Egyptian Musk & Lotus oil and put them aside in a sealed jar. Let the ingredients stand for nine days during the waxing of the moon.
Then blend all ingredients together by hand. As you mix, meditate upon your spirit guide should be ask to aid in increasing your Scrying abilities. Know that when the incense is burned, your Third eyes will open and a link will be formed between you and world of spirit. (It is best to remove the cardamom seeds from the incense before burning; their scent will have been absorbed by the incense base.)



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