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The Goddess Shoppe offers a selection of knives all excellent for magickal uses.
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The Athame

(A-thuh-may) this is a ritual knife with a two sided blade. This is used by a witch or magi during
rituals and spells to direct his or her energy. Generally, it it used just to direct energy when casting the circle. It would be
pointed to the ground and to the sky when drawing the sphere of energy. Many Wiccans have beautifully ornate athames,
while others have very simple ones. With  so many to choose from you may opt to acquire more than just  one. The athame is
never used to cut (especially yourself) but is used for directing energy into an inscribing words, sigils, symbols in
candles, etc.  It is the only tool to be consecrated on the New Moon  as it is only tool that is a direct extension of your will.

The Boline

The boline is a white-handled knife with a single blade. It is an actual cutting knife. It is used to cut herbs,
wands, to inscribe symbols on other magickal items, or cutting cords. It is not used just in circle. 
It is for all physical work.

Purification of an Athame or a Boline

    If you purchase a used knife you will want to purify the knife of any negative vibrations from previous unknown owners. One method is to expose the blades to direct sunlight for at least one hour a day for the full cycle of the moon, usually starting at Full Moon (if it is a Boline) or New Moon (if it is an Athame). This can be by placing the knife inside a window or in your back yard if it is secure. Other purification methods include  a mixture of Mugwort, Vervain, Angelica, Hyssop & Cassia soaked in alcohol over night or longer, placing your blade in a bag of crystals such as Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine, and herbal smudging with Sage, Sweet Grass and Cedar.

    Some Witches believe that an athame should never be purchased, that either you must make your own tools or receive them as gifts. That probably worked fine in ancient times, but how many people know how to make their own knives nowadays?  No to mention that you should pick or magickal tools (or should I say they must pick you)!

    A gift athame is considered a great honor, especially if it comes from a beloved friend of your priesthood. The athame will have all the energy of years of use by the previous owner. That energy can help guide and empower your own magick, merging your magickal energy with the magickal energy of the Witch who gave the gift.

    Once the knife has been purified you may have a consecration ceremony.  Even if it is new blade you should get into the habit of cleaning your tools on a "as you need" to basis.  It bonds you with your tools!




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