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Let the work out begin!  Bellydance is a true art form.  The ability to sway your body
& shimmy your shoulders & hips can put you into a meditative state so intense that no
formal alter work may be required after petitioning the goddess for your hearts desires
in this magickal way.  Working out is fun & exciting with Dolphina leading you down a
magickal journey like none other.  In the comfort of your living room let Dolphina teach
you, move by move, to invoke the Goddess with in.


intro to belley dance

The Goddess Workout with Dolphina
Introduction to Bellydance DVD

More than just an exercise routine, The Goddess Workout engages the body, mind and spirit, enabling every woman to celebrate the eternal feminine being within herself.  Sensual on every level mush like the goddess Aphrodite, this reissue of Dolphina's original work out,  guides you on an exciting new path
to fitness, as you begin to live as a modern-day goddes

TBD1040       DVD $14.99   

war goddess

The Goddess Workout with Dolphina
Warrior Goddess - Advanced Bellydance DVD

Here is the next fitness challenge in the exciting Goddess Workout series. This advanced-level bellydance fitness workout cultivates physical and spiritual strength. In Warrior Goddess, Dolphina shows you how to access, energize and isolate underdeveloped hip muscles as you learn to embrace your "new" inner and outer power bringing you face to face with the energy's of goddesses,  like Kali Ma... smooth, in control and powerful!! Let Dolphina help you build strength and self-confidence as you discover the Warrior Goddess within you!

TBD1041        DVD $14.99   

veils and cymbles

The Goddess Workout with Dolphina
Bellydance with
Veils & Cymbles DVD

Condition your arms and upper body through the graceful movement of The Veil. The veil, an object of mystery and seduction, brings to mind the goddess Alara, who is the guardian of the veil.  The veil itself  becomes a beautiful tool for firming, sculpting and strengthening your entire upper body. Dolphina guide you through an intoxicating 25-minute program. What to tone your muscles in a way that's completely feminine and fun! You are hot now! Pick up your veil and let's go!

TBD1042       DVD $14.99   

cardio belly dancing

The Goddess Workout with Dolphina
Cardio Bellydance DVD

Join fitness goddess Dolphina in an exhilarating cardiovascular bellydance workout that sculpts, defines and strengthens your core. Experience the freedom and joy of bellydance while raising your heart rate and getting a full body workout.Beneficial to people of all fitness and dance levels!The Cardio Bellydance workout includes: Warm-up, buns and thighs, abs, arms, shimmies and shakes, cardio bellydance combinations, at home routine, and cool down.

New!!! TBD1043        DVD $14.99   


bellydance collection

The Goddess Workout with Dolphina
Goddess Workout DVD 3-pac Collection & Video

The Goddess Workout DVD  & Video 3-pac collection at a specially priced value for our online customers. This special set of DVD's or Videos make it practical and affordable to fully learn the rhythmic enchanted moves of the goddess as only Dolphina can present them!

TDB1010        $34.99


burlique bellydance

Dolphina's Cardio Burlesque, a strip tease workout.

Get ready to sizzle in the most glamorous workout ever created!

In this liberating cardio workout, fitness goddess Dolphina will teach you cabaret-style moves that are simple to execute and will sculpt and define your entire body. Learn to strut with confidence so you can perform a private dance for your man, jazz up a girl’s night out, or be the center of attention on stage. Discover what every great seductress knows – the art of the tease!

New!!! TBD1044        DVD $14.99   



Music CD's For Bellydancing
Try making up your own routines  for yourself or for the students in your
troop to the same music that is featured on the DVD's!

TBD1001                    TBD1016                  TBD1017                      TBD1018                    TBD109





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