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The Goddess Shoppe offers a wide selection of ritual glasses, goblets & chalices items from goblets to coffee mugs. All or products have a magickal theme for everyday or ritual uses.
Please choose from the following categories:

Pentacle Goblet

Celtic Knot Goblet


Triquetra Chalice

Silver-plated Engraved Pentacle Goblet - 7.5 inchs. This is a heavy chalis. This one will not blow over in a windy ritual out doors.
Celtic Knot Goblet

Silver-plated Engraved Celtic Knot Goblet 7"


Silver-plated Engraved Pentacle Chalice - 6 inch. Good size chalise for rituals or offering bowl for the lord and lady!  
Silver-plated Celtic Triquetra Chalice
Substantial weight, solid feel. Engraved Celtic Triangle on
two sides. Silver-plate with gold highlights weighs 1 lb 8"





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