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The Goddess Shoppe offers three different styles of cloaks. All cloaks are unlined with hoods &
a cord tie at the neck. All cloaks are "one size fits all", and measure aprox. 54" from shoulder
to hem.  These Cloak are a custom hand made item.

Designed for the ultimate flair & maximum comfort!

#TCL-401  Brushed Cotton  $140.00   

#TCL-401A  Wool  $250.00   

#TCL-401B  Cotton Velvet  $250.00    

#TCL-402  Lined Brushed Cotton  $195.00   

#TCL-402A Lined Wool  $475.00    

#TCL-402B Lined Velvet  $475.00    



velvet cloak This Beautiful Victorian Cape is Sexy & Lacy.  It is fully lined, trimmed with lace from the collar, fanning out in a flair to cover the bottom of the cape from mid cafe down. It comes with a distinctive decorative closure that adds a bit of seductiveness to this lovely velvet cape.  You can not beat the price of the elegant cloak!
Comes in Burgundy, Black & Purple.  NEW!


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