Buttons- Peace



1-12 Pieces $1.25 each
13-24 Pieces $1.00 each
25 Pieces And Over $0.85 each


TGB-S 2 Peace on Earth (w/ Earth)
TGB-S 5 Give Peace a Chance (w/dove)
TGB-S 6 Think Peace (w/dove)
TGB-S 8 Arms are for Hugging
TGB-S18 Teach Peace
TGB-S24 Another Woman for Peace
TGB-S28 World Peace (w/smiley face)
TGB-S32 No Nukes
TGB-S33 Wage Peace
TGB-S34 Create Peace(w/dove)
TGB-S44 Back by Popular Demand (w/peace sign)
TGB-S45 World Peace Begins at Home
TGB-S50 Nuclear Weapons May They Rust In Peace
TGB-S51 Peace is Possible (w/dove)
TGB-S52 War Doesn t Decide Who s Right, Only Who s Left
TGB-S55 Another Family for Peace
TGB-S56 Peace Through Music
TGB-S65 No Nuclear Weapons
TGB-S78 Let Peace Begin with Me
TGB-S79 An Idea Whose Time Has Come (w/peace sign)
TGB-S80 Peace (multicolored)
TGB-S84 Visualize World Peace
TGB-S85 Unite for Peace
TGB-S86 Peace (in nine languages w/dove)
TGB-S90 You Cannot TGB-Simultaneously Prevent and Prepare for War - Einstein
TGB-S97 Test Peace Not Nuclear Weapons
TGB-S99 Farms Not Arms
TGB-S101 Nuclear Free Zone (nuke sign w/slash)
TGB-S102 Peace Sign
TGB-S103 All The Arms We Need (w/two kids hugging)
TGB-S104 Stop Nuclear Testing Now
TGB-S105 Create Peace (w/Picasso dove)
TGB-S106 Sow the Seeds of Peace and Justice
TGB-S108 Don t Buy War Toys
TGB-S116 It Will Be a Great Day When Our Schools Get All The Money They Need and the Air Force Has to Hold a Bake Sale to Buy a Bomber
TGB-S119 Cut Military Spending Rebuild America

Peace (in Hebrew, English & Arabic)


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