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PS122 He s dead Jim - Pass the catsup!
PS124 Klingon Prime Directive (Shoot it in Klingon)
PS126 Member - Society to reduce Wesley to a little styrofoam dodecahedron
PS131 Kirk to Enterprise - Beam me down Yeoman Rand and a six -pack!
PS134 Picard/Riker in '96
PS150 I emit sonic waves for the pleasure of mutant warlords
PS155 Quantum Leaper
PS156 Trekker - The Next Generation
PS172 Kirk/Spock in '96
PS173 Beam me sideways Scotty, No one here knows which way is up
PS174 Il est mort, Jean Luc
PS175 To hell with the Prime Directive, I m gonna kill something
PS176 United Federation of Planets - Official Survey Vehicle
PS177 When you re up to your ass in tribbles, it s hard to remember that the original objective was to poison the grain
PS178 Kirk & Co. - Interstellar Pest Control - Romulans our specialty
PS179 Picard & Co. - Interstellar Exploration
PS180 Starfleet Security - The few, the proud, the expendable (Bullseye)
PS181 Tea Earl Grey Hot
PS182 My child made the honor roll at Vulcan Academy of Sciences
PS183 Proud Parent of an Honor Student at Starfleet Academy
PS184 My child beat up your honor student at Klinzhai Imperial Institute
PS213 Official Tribble Extermination Vehicle
PS214 Caution! Tailgaters subject to phaser bombardment
PS216 I d rather be; annoying Earthers, Tormenting Tribbles, Outwitting Organians, all of the above
PS217 When it positively has to be there overnight. Federation Express
PS218 Join the Klingon Imperial Forces. See the universe. Meet interesting beings...and kill them
PS219 Federation News Network. Around the galaxy in 30 minutes
PS235 The Borg are looking for a few good men
PS237 When you don t know where it s going or when it ll arrive - Quantum Express
PS267 Subspace Communications - The next best thing to beaming there!
PS269 Member Starfleet Academy Alumni Association
PS270 Mr. Data precisely WHAT did you mean when you said 'Oh Boy'
PS274 Resistance is unnecessary. YOU will NOT BE assimilated!
PS278 Trek Classic
PS282 Cyberdyne Technologies - Bringing the Future Home...Today
PS289 Hi! I m the Dread Pirate Roberts #72377. Ask about franchise opportunities in your area!
PS290 I was Klingon Before Klingon was cool!
PS291 Barney, we d like you to meet this week s special guest, Mr. Velociraptor!
PS292 Die Barney Die!
PS293 We ve secretly replaced the Dilithium Crystals with New Folger s
PS294 Crystals. Now let s watch them go warp.
PS300 LaCriox survived...and boy is he pissed!
PS301 Odo & Dax in 96 - It s time for leadership that adapts
PS302 Beckett/Calavicci in 96 - Putting right what once went wrong.
PS303 Bajor for Bajorans
PS304 What do you call a Bajoran with PMS? A Bajoran
PS318 Klingons live long and Conquer
PS319 Human by birth, Klingon by Choice
PS320 Borg Reconnaissance Unit - Tailgaters will be assimilated
PS321 Join the Ferengi Free Traders, Seek out strange new worlds and new civilizations. Then Boldly exploit them!
PS325 My other car is a Bird of Prey
PS330 You take the Low Road and I ll take the Highlander (katana)
PS331 May the Force be with you
PS333 Babylon 5 Boldly going in circles
PS329 Quarks Sometimes you want to go where everybeing knows your name



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