Bumperstickers- Celtic



1-12 Pieces $2.00 each
13-24 Pieces $1.75 each
25 Pieces And Over $1.50 each


TBSI148 Get Celtic
TBSI182 You canna beat a canny celt
TBSI183 I was celtic before celtic was cool
TBSI184 Proud to be Celtic
TBSI185 Proud to be Irish
TBSI186 Proud to be Scottish
TBSI2003 Very Irish Person
TBSI2004 Irish Whiskey makes me frisky
TBSI2005 God invented Whiskey to keep the Irish from conquering the world
TBSI2008 Celtic Music sounds better
TBSI2014 Why do Scotsmen wear Kilts? Sheep can hear zippers at 500 yards
TBSI2016 Sheep - They give so much, they ask so little
TBSI2017 When Irish eye's are smiling - WATCH IT!



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