Belly Dancing
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coin bra bra cover bra cover chain
Coin Bra Cover
You can wear this bra comfortably by itself, as the base is black velvet. Add a belly drape or two and call it gorgeous! Ties in the back and at the neck like a halter. Small fits A to small B cups, Large fits C cup, XL fits D cups.   
JW132 (silver)/JP132 (brass)  $40.00

Bra Cover
JW109 (silver)/JP109 (brass)  $31.00

Bra Cover
JW110 (silver)/ JP110 (brass) $38.00

double skirt hip scarves three row scarves
Double Layer Chiffon
Bellydancing Skirt 
TBDSP420   $37.00

Hip Scarves
 black, purple, red, yellow, and green  TBDCS059

Three Row Triangle Hip Scarves
Available in: black, purple, blue, red,
and in silver or gold sequins 31"x57"
TBDCS088   $41.00

b/d belt127 b/d011 bd061
36" Belt
Mermaid style belt with overlapping layers of delicate metal loops for trim. Extra strong rings for extra sizing. 36" in length
JW127 (silver) / JP127 (brass) $28.00

36" Belt
JW011 (silver) / JP011 (brass) $31.00

JW061 (silver)/JP061 (brass)  $7

b/d117 bd115 bd130
20" Necklace
JW117 (silver) / JP117 (brass)  $13.00
36" Belt - 40
JW114 (silver) / JP114 (brass)  $25.00

3" Earrings
JW115 (silver)/JP115 (brass)  $5.00

4" Earrings
JW130 (silver)/JP130 (brass)

db197 bd058 bd141
Coin Anklet
JW197 (silver)/JP197 (brass)  $4.00

Isis Asp Bracelet
JW058 (silver)/JP058 (brass) $5.00

Headpiece of the Sun/ Moon
JW141 (silver/moon)/JP141 (brass/sun)

bd062 bd062a bd cymbols


Beautiful Veils for the Bellydancing Goddess in you!
Beautiful and so versatile! Use them for veils, dresses, skirts or Bellydancing routine   45"x108"
TBDCS062  $31.00

Finger Cymbals /Set of Two





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